How can I tell if my review was published?

Only published reviews are eligible for a gift card. The easiest way to tell if your review(s) has been published is to find the profile page for the product you reviewed on our site and see if your review(s) is displaying. If it's been less than one week since you submitted your review, please be aware that it may take longer than one week before a submitted review has time to be properly vetted.

On average, a review takes up to five business days to be verified and published. However,this time may be extended if additional research is required per our QA process to allow for the research necessary to make an informed decision. If it has been more than three weeks since your review submission, it is likely the review failed to pass through our QA process, and will not be published.

Is my review eligible for a gift card?

If you have submitted a review, but have not yet received a gift card, please read through the following list to see why your review may not qualify for a gift card:

  • Only published reviews are eligible for a gift card. If a review did not meet our guidelines and was not published, the reviewer will not be eligible for an incentive for that review. We do, however, encourage that reviewer to submit reviews in future incentivized review campaigns they receive.
  • Ensure that the link to which you responded contained an incentive offer. Only reviews that are submitted after clicking on an incentive offer are eligible for an incentive. You must click the incentive link to be eligible for a gift card.
  • We could not verify your identity. If we required additional information from you, we may have reached out to you via email. Responding to our request may allow us to publish the review and provide you with a gift card. Responding does not guarantee publication as the review would still need to pass through our detailed QA process.
  • A gift card confirmation link was not clicked. Some campaigns require email confirmation prior to sending the gift card. If you received a confirmation email, you must confirm by clicking on the link before a gift card will be sent.
  • The review was submitted after the campaign deadline or after maximum limits were reached. Some of our campaigns offer a limited number of gift cards available or have an offer that expires after a set period of time. Reviews submitted after the thresholds have been met would not qualify for a gift card.
  • Gift card quantity limits were reached. Some campaigns have payout a limit of ten (10) reviews per campaign and/or per person.If you have more than the threshold number of eligible published reviews for a campaign, only the published reviews that meet these cutoffs are eligible for a gift card incentive. The cutoff will be communicated in the email campaigns received.
  • The incentive offer did not originate from GetApp. At times vendors may send offers for incentives independently from our site. We cannot honor these offers, and you should contact the vendor directly with any questions.
  • Your gift card went to your Spam or trash folder. In all cases, please double check your email Spam and Trash folders for an email from with your gift card offer before reaching out to our support team.

If you have found your review has been published, and it has been at least three (3) weeks since the publish date, and it qualifies for a gift card based on the criteria above, please contact our compliance team (instructions found here).

A note on fraud. Gift card codes are unique, and may only be used only by those who have access to the email the cards were originally sent to. Please know that we are able to track gift card balance and identify whether a gift card has been redeemed and used. Illegitimate requests for an incentive, as well as any fraudulent activity related to leaving reviews in exchange for an incentive, may result in removal from our reviews incentive program.

Are some reviewers ineligible to receive an incentive for their reviews?

Yes, there are certain reviewers to whom incentives cannot be provided in response to an offer because doing so violates the law and/or corporate policy prohibiting gifts in the context of a business transaction. Please review our eligibility restrictions carefully prior to leaving a review.

How long does it take to receive a gift card?

If you submitted a review in response to an incentive offer, please know that gift cards are automatically fulfilled by our system on a regular schedule. Typically, gift cards are sent within three weeks after an eligible review is published. If it has been longer than three weeks, please check your inbox and Spam folder for an email from

Please note that a review submission does not guarantee a gift card. Only reviews which have passed through our Quality Assurance program, meet the campaign eligibility requirements, and have been published on our sites would qualify for an incentive.

Why are gift cards not able to be sent more quickly?

We know you are anxious to receive your gift card. However, there are many factors involved in the reviews process before gift cards are sent, which may take up to three (3) weeks.

Review must pass our QA process. After a review is submitted, the review must undergo our Quality Assurance process to ensure that we can validate the reviewer, and that the review meets our site guidelines. This process typically takes less than a week, but this time may be extended if additional research is required per our process.

Gift cards are emailed based on date of publication, not the date of submission. Only reviews meeting our criteria for publication and campaign eligibility requirements will be added to our gift card fulfilment system. The date a review is published will determine when it is queued to send through the system.

How can I report a missing gift card?

If you responded to an incentive offer by us, please check the following before reaching out to support about a gift card:

  • Make sure your review(s) were published. To do this, please visit the profile pages of the products you reviewed to make sure your reviews were published. Reviews that are not published, or disabled after publishing, are not eligible for gift cards.
  • Make sure it has been at least three (3) weeks since the publish date. It may take at least three weeks after publication to receive a gift card.
  • Check to see if your review was sent by us, and is eligible for an incentive. Please look at our FAQ regarding incentive eligibility.

If, after reading through our FAQ, you feel your review is eligible for a gift card, please contact our compliance team at with the following information to open a support ticket:

  • Email address the review was submitted under. We keep track of the email addresses provided when a review is submitted. Providing this information will help us to locate your review more quickly.
  • Details about the campaign you received. Providing the details about the incentive campaign you received will help us troubleshoot the situation much more quickly. You are welcome to forward us any emails with an incentive offering to us along with your questions.

On average, a compliance issue will take up to five business days to resolve. However, this time may be extended to allow for necessary research to make an informed decision. Please be assured that all inquiries are answered in the order that they are received, and your question will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Why might I receive a request for more information about my identity?

At times, our team may be unable to publish a review as they are unable to validate the identity of the reviewer submitting the review, based on the information provided. Being able to conclusively identify a reviewer is a critical part of our QA process. As such, it is our aim to safeguard against fraud by taking steps to verify each reviewer's identity. We also seek to confirm that the reviewer has no conflicts of interest (such as being an employee or competitor of the product's company), and that the review content meets other guidelines for publishing.

Please understand that responding with additional information does not guarantee the review will be published. Once the additional details are received, the review (as all reviews) must still pass through our Quality Assurance process. All reviews are manually examined by our team in an effort to ensure published reviews are from verified sources and meet our site guidelines.

Why might I receive a request for Proof of Use?

Occasionally, a review may be flagged for further investigation during an internal audit, or by one of our vendors. In these cases, we may reach out to the reviewer asking for additional proof that they are indeed a user of the product reviewed. While not required for publication, providing valid proof can help us make an informed decision about a review's status. By providing proof, you are helping us make sure our reviews catalog is as accurate as possible.

Where can I find more information about the reviews program?

We encourage you to find more information about our program at the following: